Being creative gives me the greatest pleasure. The desire to create through painting began in early childhood. The excitement of
blending different hues of color became a thrilling experience for me. Discovering the subtle differences in color as it enhances
an object, a shape or subject matter has always given me great joy.

Art has been a process of self-discovery, a spiritual adventure. To see what I have done and wonder how I did it amazes me.
When I create the whole world fades away, and I am wonderfully lost in a timeless space.

Looking back on my life filled with many challenges, there is a wealth of experience that is embedded in my art as an expression
of “who I am.” Perhaps being sculpted by life through trials and tribulations, my personal experience has given me a bold and
fearless approach to my art. The “creative experience” for me is ever new and ever changing, reflecting the mystery of life.

This art is a mirror reflecting life lessons. It is my  desire, at this stage of my life, that my work will prove to be an inspiration to
future generations. Perhaps Robert Henri, the famous art teacher and author of The Art Spirit, said it best, and I agree, “When the
brush touches the surface, the soul speaks.” It is my deep desire that these creations speak to your soul.  

Joan Skiver-Levy

Share the Joy in My Life
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Comments by professionals

"I think your art is like your personality - direct, to the point, friendly, all good stuff."

Tony Johansen

I believe that your work is strong, inventive, and vibrant. It seems you take pleasure in those large images of bright colored
objects...which could be "fruit" or "vegetables."  Your works are more than illustrative as they are painterly and personal...that is a
big difference.

Professor Michael David Elvestrom.

Reference your new direction  with Collages

You have a great Quality---DRIVE----In my opinion you are very close to some measure of big success----Seriously
Impressed----Why, you may ask?-------The Beauty has an Eternal quality...Like a Rich tapestry that enlivens the Soul----Something
that can be enjoyed everyday, and have new meaning for the viewer to be reminded of the Joy of Life---then that viewer is
challenged to take that Mindset into the day and see the Sparks of that insight and use Imagination to discover that Joy throughout
the day-----That's what I see as the 'Greatness' with these Post-Modern 21st century Masterpieces!- perhaps the "Secret" to what
Art really is all about.---perhaps the Abstractioin--the Mystery---brings your work to the next level----One thing for sure----your new
style is a hit++====Primordial Soup-landscapes from the inner mind-out of body----I'm so Happy for You----Bestis----

Thomas Horn, Metal Artist
Award Winning 83 Year Old

Joan Skiver-Levy
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